A Perfect Manufacturer’s Vacation

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A Perfect Manufacturer’s Vacation

As you know, we’ve been extremely busy reviewing all of the best materials t hats a company can use. But in that time, we’ve become very weary, so we’ve decided to be a little casual with this blog and focus entirely on where we’re going on vacation for our Memorial Day Weekend!

The Florida Keys! 
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How are We Getting there? Spirit Airlines – The easiest and cheapest way to get anywhere in America is with Spirit Airlines. When we are going through and making sure that we fly, we fly safe, and we fly cheap. While we may treat ourselves to some SouthWest airlines now and then, Spirit is based in Florida nad we like supporting local economies as best as we can. So we fly spirit pretty consistently.

Real Estate Florida Keys – Florida Keys Vacation Rentals is our favorite place to vacation with. They are constantly improving and getting better with their locations, and they always have the best prices. If you are going to go to any of the keys south of Miami, then you are going to need to check out their site, just click the blue text this paragraph is preceded by!

Fishing in Islamorada – I love every key, but not every key deserves the same level of love. When I go fishing, and I love sportfishing, I always go in Islamorada. I stand by the fact that I think they have the best water. I always get good catches, and the people there remember my name and are always pretty chill about people going there to visit!

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We will continue with our regularly scheduled programming after this weekend. IF you want to know more about how I’m, doing or need some personal advice before purchasing a manufacturing product, then be sure to shoot me an e-mail before you do anything else!