A Look at Knuckle Boomers

Knuckle Boom Loader

A knuckle boom loader or a knuckle boomer in short is a very useful vehicle which has changed the way individuals load and offload in different types of industries. Unlike traditional boom cranes, this one has two booms instead of one: the main boom and an outer boom. What’s more, there is also a knuckle present in between the two booms, which is why the vehicle is so named. The knuckle boomer functions in the same manner as the knuckles on your hand do!

Knuckle Boomer Loader Crane

It goes without saying that knuckle boomers are a lot more versatile and efficient than regular straight boom cranes. Thanks to the presence of the knuckles, the arm can easily fold into a smaller size and also extend further in order to reach more distant loads.

Owing to its unique ability to ‘fold and extend’ the knuckle boomer is the preferred option for loading and unloading heavy machinery and cargo in restricted spaces. In places such as Europe, wherein the roads are narrower and there is a restriction imposed on the size of the trucks used, knuckle boomers are the ideal solution. Knuckle boomers are commonly used in the transport, mining, forestry, construction, petroleum and marine industries. Don’t be fooled by its small size, the average knuckle boom crane is capable of lifting up cargo weighing over sixty tons!

Different Ways in Which a Knuckle Boomer is Used

The way a knuckle boomer crane is used really depends upon the industry it is in. For instance, in case of the transport and construction industry, this type of crane is commonly fitted onto trucks. The marine industry, on the other hand, prefers to mount the knuckle boom crane on ships. Of course, the crane can also be mounted on other vehicles such as railcars, jeep-like structures, lorries and so on.

Knuckle Boomers Benefits

It is not for no reason that knuckle boomers are so popular in case of the professional world. A lot of times, people find themselves reaching out to this type of crane instead of the typical stiff crane as the former proves to be a lot m

Knuckle Boomer
ore useful and beneficial. Some of the benefits of using the knuckle boom crane are listed and explained below:

Does not come with travel limitations

As explained above, there is no hard and fast rule as to where you should attach the crane. It can be used on a lorry, truck, ship, railcar, etc. As long as it fits perfectly in the spot wherein the weight is distributed evenly on the two axles, it can be installed on any vehicle. Therefore, you will not face any travel-related problems with such cranes because it is versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of needs.

Added Versatility in the Form of Attachments

Depending upon the project in which it is used, knuckle boom loaders, such as the one from Petersen Industries, can be fitted with different kinds of attachments such as buckets, glass panes, hooks, pallet forks, log grabs, grabs for blocks/bricks and so on. Thus, irrespective of what materials you’re working with, you can ensure that your knuckle boomer is also capable of taking on the same with ease!

Easy Loading and Unloading
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This is probably one of the top reasons why people go for knuckle boomers in the first place! Since the knuckle boom crane is capable of folding, therefore it does not need as much vertical clearance to function as its straight boom counterpart. It is also possible to use this type of crane for rear mounting, which means that loading or unloading the trailer towed behind your truck is going to be easier than ever!

Horizontal Lifting

This is yet another unique feature of the knuckle boomer which makes it such a popular and preferred option in the industry. Knuckle boomers come with articulating crane which is very good at lifting cargo horizontally. Thus, even in case of tight places and areas with low clearance, this type of vehicle can get the job done effortlessly. While these are capable of operating in minimal space on its own, adding a jib would enhance its versatility even more!


All in all, knuckle boomers are very useful vehicles for professionals. It makes various tasks a lot easier to execute. Thus, the next time you are dealing with a lot of loads and heavy items, it is advisable to hire a knuckle boomer for yourself and see how the task gets simplified! Once you use these, you might find it difficult to turn back to using traditional straight boomers!